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What is VAPE?

Velvet Hair Studio was founded under the principle of providing excellent services by going above and beyond to satisfy our clients. We knew this goal could only be accomplished by having the best Hair Artists in town. Velvet Apprenticeship Program & Education (VAPE) grew from our desire to cultivate talent within our doors.

We're very proud of the talent we have in-house so we decided to attract and develop new talent under their mentorship. We want them to become amazing Hair Artists and professionals in the industry who can continue what we've started here!

Our program provides them with a curriculum that furthers their knowledge and skills while gaining experience in a controlled environment. When they reach the final stage of VAPE, they become Jr. Hair Artists. At this point, they are allowed to perform services under the mentorship of our Hair Artists.

About our Jr. Hair Artists

Our Jr. Hair Artists are on the final phase of VAPE. They have completed training under our Hair Artists, and have learned the Velvet client etiquette to properly service our clients.

We offer a separate menu for our Jr. Hair Artists. All services booked with them require a consultation prior to the service where they assess the client's needs with the help of a mentor. After we have determined what your needs are, we proceed to work on a beauty plan with the Jr. Hair Artist to ensure they are prepared for your service. During the service, the Jr. Hair Artist may be monitored every 20 minutes, or as needed.


As  part of this program, their hourly rates are significantly lower than our Hair Artists' and their services are expected to take longer than usual although each Jr. Hair Artist is different. When they have acquired sufficient experience and complete the program requirements, they graduate to Hair Artist and join us on the floor. We love seeing our team grow!

Our Educators:

Annie McFetridge:
Curly Hair Expert & Hair Cutting
IG @anniemacstyle

Alicia McLaughlin:
Danger Jones Educator, Blonding & Vivids
IG @thehairstylish

Jennifer Sanchez:
Wella Educator, Dimensional Color & Hair Cutting
IG @jennichez_

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