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What makes us unique?

Our services are booked in hourly sessions instead of "a la carte." Every session is tailored to your exact hair needs. Hourly pricing gives your Hair Artist the freedom to be creative without worrying about upcharges and additional fees. Instead, they are able to focus more on what you need customizing a beauty plan specifically for you!

Why hourly pricing?

It's simple, hourly pricing is genderless, inclusive, streamlined, and transparent, making the communication between clients and artists a lot easier. Most importantly, it puts you back in charge of how much time and money you spend during your visit. It eliminates the stress and confusion that "a la carte" services may create with surprise fees at the end of your appointment!

Stylists for every budget.

Hourly sessions ensure there is a Hair Artist for every budget. To get to know our team and see their prices, click here.

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