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What you need to know!

What is a Curly Cut?

Our Curly Cut service was created to service all types of hair texture including s-wavy, wavy, curly, very curly and coiled hair. Experience a customized dry haircut specifically sculpted to enhance your hair texture and facial features.

Is a Curly Cut right for me?

If you wear your naturally curly hair almost all the time or are looking to do so, then this cut is for you! It will enhance your curls, customize your shape, and amplify your style.

How to prepare for my Curly Cut?

Make sure you're properly prepared for your Curly Cut!  Shampoo your hair at home the day before your appointment. Your hair should be clean, dry, detangled and styled with minimal product. Make sure the hair is free from ponytails, braids, twist outs or any style that would manipulate your curl pattern. We want to know what your hair does naturally so we can better assess your needs.


Detangling your hair is extremely important. If you are unprepared for your appointment, it could mean your appointment will have to be shorter and you will miss out on getting your hair styled. If the stylist has time to detangle your hair and it doesn't conflict with the next appointment, your hair will be detangled at an additional fee.


Curly Cut
Luxe Experience Session

This service is perfect for first time guests looking to get a customized haircut. After a thorough consultation, your Hair Artist will dry-cut your hair to sculpt a shape that's flattering for your hair texture and facial features. This service includes a clarifying treatment followed by a deep conditioning treatment as well as a scalp massage.

You will also enjoy a one-on-one styling lesson to learn how to care for your hair at home. Learn everything from what type of towel to use on your hair to how to control frizz!

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Summer in her eyes &  fall in her hair✨_

Curly Cut Session

This service is ideal for clients looking to maintain their curly cut while experiencing a full service. Or  for first time clients with fine, lower density hair, where a full service can be done in one hour. Not ideal for clients with coarse, high density hair.


This service may include a clarifying treatment. It consists of a  customized dry haircut followed by a shampoo and scalp massage session, and hair styling.

Duration: 1 hr

Curly Cut - Express Session

This service is ideal for clients looking to maintain their Curly Cut previously done at Velvet Hair Studio. It is also ideal for children who don't like sitting still for longer periods of time. Shampoo & Styling are not included with this service.

Duration: 30 mins

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